W.H.O. Chief Warns the World to Act Now!

The world’s leading health official made the public announcement to the world as a whole, calling on all the governments across the globe to act now as the coronavirus has crossed another threshold of over 100,000 worldwide cases confirmed.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, passed on the message to the world leaders, “This is not a drill.  This is not a time for excuses. This is a time for pulling out all the stops.”

The death toll worldwide is over 3,200.  Most of these cases are in China.  Around the globe, countries have worked to protect their own citizens and interest while the cases climb.  Health officials and politicians have been affected by the virus and tested positive.

Within the United States, a survey was taken, where there was only 29 percent of hospitals able to quarantine those who test positive for the coronavirus.  In America, the number of confirmed cases is only slightly over 200.  Labs are stocking up on the diagnostic kits to get better prepared.

President Trump was scheduled to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia when he abruptly canceled his stop.  The staff members who were with the President stated he would rather let them focus all their time on working to combat the deadly virus than to be interrupted with a visit.

So far, in Seattle, Washington, ten residences at a nursing home died due to the virus.  Schools around the area and the borders of the state have shut down their schools and canceled public events until further notice.  Life for many has come to an abrupt stop due to the small number of those infected.

The further along, we go into this sheer panic, the more we can ask ourselves, is this really happening? There have been far greater plagues that passed through this country.  Just influenza alone is a worse epidemic that no one is talking about.  Yes, we should all be on alert and concerned, but panic, NO!

Even though world leaders say not to panic, there seems to be a push from others who want to stir panic and embrace it.  Dr. Tedros stated, “Now is the time to act!”  He is warning the window of opportunity to contain the coronavirus was lessening.  China is finally getting a grip on the epidemic, confirming no new cases for the first time.

There are a few red flags here that don’t add up.  In China, the residence from Wuhan yelled out at the visiting prime minister shouting from their confined windows, “Fake! Everything is fake!”

In the state of New York, a rabbi tested positive for the coronavirus, and he sent an email to his congregation as he went into isolation.  Public health officials shut down the synagogue where a lawyer contracted the virus.  The Rabbi told everyone in the congregation and those who came in contact with him to seek medical attention immediately.  He told everyone he was feeling okay in the email and quarantined himself before he was tested positive.

The Rabbi wrote in his email, “I have the virus and am doing reasonably well.  But I must caution all of you who have had personal contact with me to seek counsel from your health practitioner as to how to proceed.”

Looking at Westchester County, in New York, there are 22 confirmed to have the virus, 18 came from the synagogue in Westchester County.  The others came from Iran, and the remaining two were random.  The Department of Health stated; currently, there are over 2,770 people in New York in-home isolation due to the spreading of the virus.

Since the illness affects the upper respiratory, ventilators are needed, and Britain is saying they are falling short in their country.  Dr. George Priestley broke down a statement for everyone by saying, “If we haven’t got ventilatory support to offer them, it’s going to end in death.  I don’t want to be alarmist. I just want someone to pay attention.”

Other world leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and France’s President Emmanuel Macron have canceled events and tended to the elderly in retirement homes.  Putin canceled the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and Macron is telling his people to quit visiting retirement homes due to the elderly are more vulnerable to succumbing to the illness.

Other countries are listening and taking the proper measures, but everyone still keeps saying the same thing.  Something doesn’t feel real about this.