Watergate Flashbacks: Trump’s Phone Was Tapped

Spying seems to be part of the culture in Capitol Hill. When Richard Nixon asked for the phones to be tapped at the Democrat headquarters at the Watergate Hotel, he was impeached and resigned from his office.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump said he thought his phone at Trump Tower was tapped. However, people called him paranoid. Proof has since come out to show that the phone was tapped – at the direction of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

On March 4, 2017, Trump set out a bunch of tweets to accuse former President Obama of wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower, the headquarters for Trump’s presidential campaign weeks before the election. He likened the alleged activity to Nixon and Watergate.

Hillary along with the DNC paid a British spy by the name of Christopher Steele an amount that is estimated to be between one and $10 million to create a phony Russian dossier or on Trump so that could be presented to the FISA court.

It would allow them to get a warranty, making it possible to tap Carter Page’s phone. Page, at the time, was Trump’s aid. Allegedly, Trump’s phone at the Tower was also being tapped.

Trump took to Twitter to question if it was legal for a sitting president to wiretap a race for president weeks before the election. While plenty of people teased Trump for being ridiculous, it turns out he was right.

A former NSA official has come forward to say that trumps phones were wiretapped and monitored. Bill Binney, someone who has spent 36 years with the NSA who resigned in 2001, said that phone calls and everything that Trump did electronically was being monitored. Binney warns that everyone’s conversations are monitored as well is stored.

PBS reported that Binney became a whistleblower after resigning from the NSA shortly after learning how the US was going to approach intelligence following the September 11, 2001 attacks. He didn’t believe in the data-monitoring program that was being developed.

This past Monday, he defended Pres. Trump regarding the phone taps that occurred throughout the 2016 campaign.

Michael Mukasey, the former Attorney General who served during the George W. Bush administration, explained that the president was correct that there was surveillance happening, but not correct when saying Obama was the one that ordered the tap. Someone order the tap, however, through the FISA court.

There’s been a lot of question as to what the FISA court has done, allowing such taps. Further, it questions whether they were given accurate information in order to allow the warranty.

Binney did not go into this, whether it was directed by Obama or who allowed it to happen. With House Intelligence Committees not eager to look into the FISA court order, it shows that the Dems are likely guilty of what Trump has been saying on Twitter all along.

Now that the 2020 elections are quickly approaching, there’s fear that there’s going to be a lot of cheating and underhandedness by the Dems yet again because it’s what they do best. They’re so scared that they can’t win on their own that they’ll do anything to tilt the scales of justice to their favor.

Warren is already looking to get rid of the Electoral College – and that’s because the Dems didn’t win the 2016 election through the Electoral College, Trump did. They want a popular vote because it’s easier to stack in their favor since only three states really make up the popular vote.

Without the Electoral College, Clinton would be in power right now and all of these accusations wouldn’t be happening right now.

Warren’s petition is clear that she’s looking to get the win – and knows that Dems can only win by getting rid of the Electoral College – something used to determine the president since the beginning of the country’s history.

Her petition calls for people to make it clear that a national popular vote is being supported. However, it’s not. Too many people from states like Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and elsewhere want to make sure that their vote is heard. With California and NYC having so many more people than other states combined, it simply isn’t fair – and the Dems know it.

The Dems love to cheat, and they have proven it time and again. Regardless of whether Obama, Clinton, or some other Dem rigged the FISA warrant for the phone taps, they’ve played dirty. It’s expected that they’ll play dirty in 2020, too, so that they can destroy the country with their socialism.