What?! Democrats Trying To Impeach Trump Because He’s Too Tall

The Democrats have proven time and again that they have absolutely no foundation in which to impeach President Donald Trump. Every attempt is more ridiculous than the last. Recent tweets from the official White House Twitter account showed just how ridiculous things have gotten.

Could House Democrat Hank Johnson want to impeach Trump because he’s too tall?

Fox News has been having a field day as Hank Johnson (D-GA) speaks from the House Judiciary Committee. He talks about a picture of President Trump and President Zelensky at a UN Meeting in September. He goes on to talk about a “big chair” for Donald Trump and a “little chair” for Volodymyr Zelensky. Then, he talks about “big six foot four” President Trump and estimates Zelensky’s height at five foot eleven. How this has anything to do with anything is anyone’s guess.

What the House Dem wants everyone to believe is that Trump was placed in a larger chair than Zelensky so that he looked bigger and more powerful.

Not to avoid being overdone by the press, the official White House Twitter account decided to post a picture of the UN meeting where Trump and Zelensky were seated, reaching over to shake hands. They are in the same exact chair. It’s easy to see that they are in the same black, leather chairs placed in front of flags. There are no lifts on either chair. They’re in the same position.

What does this mean, then? Are they now upset with Trump for being taller than Zelensky? Is this now being added to the impeachment articles? The White House Twitter account added a humorous touch to say that they want to impeach the President for “checks notes”, being too tall.

Those on Twitter have not been disappointed with their comments. Many are quick to remind that representative Hank Johnson is the same individual who said that Guam might tip over if there were too many military members on the island at once.

Clearly, Johnson’s capability of free and clear thought went out the window long ago. Not only is Guam not going to tip over if too many Marines are sent over, but the president also cannot be impeached because of being too tall.

The number of people who share the photo where the two presidents were in identical chairs is too many to count – and it shows off that more and more people are getting upset about how ridiculous the Democrats have become regarding the impeachment process.

Many people are also quick to identify that the White House Twitter account is run by someone who obviously has a sense of humor, especially when they tweeted a photo of the two men sitting in chairs with the shrugging shoulders emoji.

Hank Johnson was also talking in a political role. This wasn’t simply him being caught in the middle of running errands with a reporter. This was actually caught by Fox News when he was speaking on Capitol Hill as part of the House Judiciary Committee. At no point could this be taken out of context in order to find him making a joke.

This is him trying to prove a valid point regarding the impeachment articles – and it begs the question of how he continues to get elected, year after year. The 65–year-old Congressman has been a representative for the fourth district of Georgia since 2007. Even after talking about the possibility of Guam sinking into the ocean, the residents of Georgia continue to vote him back in.

Someone may want to pull the Congressman aside and let him know that height is not a worthy reason to impeach someone. Trump cannot help that he is at least 5 inches taller than the Ukrainian president. This just shows the desperation that the Democratic Party has in trying to impeach Trump.

Essentially, they are trying to impeach him over something that Joe Biden did and Trump simply asking whether it was true or not. This is what the Democratic Party has become – and Trump is well aware of the circus that it has become.

Now, based on many of the comments from Twitter, whoever is operating the White House Twitter account needs their own comedy show. People have found the photos and comments to be solid gold, especially as the Democratic Party continues its ridiculous proceedings with the impeachment.

Hopefully, the person behind the Twitter page will reveal themselves so that everyone can have a good laugh. It may result in some fodder for SNL and other comedians in the near future, too.