Whispers in the DNC…Will Hillary Enter the Race Soon?

As you have most likely heard, rumors are floating about insinuating that Hillary Clinton might try to make a comeback and throw her hat into the ring for the 2020 presidential election. Now, to be clear, Clinton herself has not made any statements confirming this. However, the possibility still exists.

And so some have taken the liberty of adding her name to a few polls to see where she might stand, should she enter any time soon.

But Harvard-Harris took it even further by adding not only Clinton but also Mike Bloomberg and John Kerry into the fray.

As you can imagine, their names do change things up a bit. But not nearly as much as we might expect.

Biden, who is currently on top with 29 percent of the Democratic vote, is impacted the most, as Hillary overpowers him by a mere one percent. And this is somewhat to be expected. After all, as the most centric, Biden would have to fight for those center-left votes against Hillary.

Everyone else seems to slip a little bit, but their rankings don’t really change at all. And Kerry and Bloomberg appear almost as if they were added at the last minute with their names simply being added to the bottom of the list, fighting for last place. Although, Kerry does appear to be tied with Mayor Pete Buttigieg for 5th place.

So the question is: Is it likely that Hillary will enter the race in the near future? It appears she would have a fighting chance, but would she consider it worth the risk?

Well, according to Dick Morris, she just might.

He said, “Biden and Warren were blocking the lanes Hillary needs to run in in order to get nominated. Warren, because she’s a woman, and now with Kamala Harris out of the race, and Warren having slipped, that road may be open. Hillary may be able to say ‘vote for me because I’m the only chance we have to elect a woman president.’”

And he does have a point. At the beginning of the race for the 2020 White House, there were a grand total of five women running, more than ever before in a presidential election. And with prominent lawmakers such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, the odds looked pretty good that a woman might find her name on the ballot.

However, as the election draws nearer and the race continues to heat up, all but one has fallen off the wagon. And the last female, Warren, remaining doesn’t seem to be doing too well. Currently, she sits in third place behind Sanders and ahead of Buttigieg. In the last month, she has lost nearly half of her support, mainly to Buttigieg and Biden.

While this could mean that most of America isn’t quite ready for the progressive proposals that she and Sanders put forward, it has led some to believe that women are not being given a fair chance. And if Warren falls any further, we are likely to see an outraged left storm the media.

We are already seeing the media freak out over the fact that the field is now almost entirely white. Everyone who has qualified for the next primary debate is, as Biden says, “lily-white.” Kamala Harris, while holding a significant portion of the female vote, was also the last standing chance to have a president of color.

Can you imagine what the progressive left will say when the top three are all extremely white males Biden, Bernie, and Buttigieg? Hillary might be just about forced to enter just to add some diversity.

As for Biden, Morris says, “and the lane that Biden was occupying is the lane that people would say, ‘Well, let’s at least join somebody that’s shown they can beat Donald Trump – that’s shown they have the ability to wing a national election like Biden did.”

To this, Morris believes, “Hillary will basically say, ‘I have that capacity. I got more votes than Donald Trump did last time. I know I can beat this guy. People should vote for me because I’m the only proven warrior out there that can tackle him.’”

And she might think that. However, deadlines to qualify for the ballot in early voting states are fast approaching. In fact, she may already be too late.

In that case, all she can do is cause more misery for the DNC.