Whitmer Makes Political Ad Buys as Her State Waits in Turmoil

If you have been paying any kind of attention to the news and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting our nation, you are likely aware that the state of Michigan is going through an extremely tough time. In fact, the state has been one of the hardest hit in regards to the sheer number of confirmed cases besides coastal states like California and New York. As a result, the local government has implemented a rather strict stay at home order.

But with the state now beginning to see fewer case numbers and an overall decline of the virus, many are calling for the government to start phasing into a reopening of its many non-essential businesses and the economy. Many states are seeing a similar pattern in the number of cases. They thus have already begun to do this, letting some markets reopen while limiting the hours or number of customers allowed in, for example.

However, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has refused to give her constituents even the slightest idea on when or how that will happen in their state.

Instead, she is spending her time and money on political campaigns. This week her campaign released several new political ads on social media sites like Facebook, all promoting the liberal woman as the kind of leader that both the state and the nation needs right now.

But what is even more astounding than the fact that she is actually doing this at a time when her state needs her to be making decisions for their future is that the ads cost more than $10,000.

That’s right. $10,000

Due to Whitmer’s overreaching stay at home orders, which include the closure of not only non-essential businesses but garden centers, flooring shops, and even the sale of paint, millions in her state are out of work. And millions have thus applied for unemployment. But few have received such benefits.

You see, the state’s unemployment system, which is no doubt being overwhelmed, has had many problems, experiencing one logistical issue after another. Thousands of state residents have not been able to even finish the application process, let alone receive any kind of payments.

Executive director of Michigan Rising Action, a GOP research group, Tori Sachs says, “Michigan is experiencing depression level unemployment and sadly thousands of Michiganders have yet to receive unemployment payments from the state.”

Needless to say, these people need help, either by getting the unemployment system fixed quickly or by beginning to allow them to go back to work.

But Whitmer is not handling either.

The last time the governor spoke of the possibility of reopening her state’s businesses, she mentioned that things would not be allowed to go back to normal anytime soon, as the crisis still persists. In fact, she told Today’s Craig Melvin that “We can’t resume normal life until we have a vaccine.”

Does that mean that her state’s residents are to simply wait until then without any assistance or aid? Most governors or state leaders, even if they haven’t begun reopening procedures, have at least a plan in place for when that time comes. Whitmer, on the other hand, seems to have nothing of the sort.

As Michigan Rising Action points out in one social media post, the draconian leader has not mentioned a word about how to handle “contact tracing of new COVID-19 cases, depression level unemployment, the failing unemployment insurance system…, or school to return in the fall.”

But she has time to buy, create, and put out $10,000 worth of political ads in the hopes of being offered a spot as Joe Biden’s running mate for the November election.

Several sources, including an anonymous adviser of Whitmer’s, have cited that this is a very real possibility for the liberal woman, and some have even mentioned that she would accept such an offer, should it be given, according to a New York Times article. Of course, the governor says that right now, she is only interested in doing the job that she was elected to do.

However, a $10,000 ad buy screams the opposite as does her apparent failure to do anything that actually helps her constituents.

As Sachs says, “Gov. Whitmer’s focus on politics in her bid to be named Biden’s running mate comes at the expense of finding solutions for the ongoing unemployment, economic, and health problems in Michigan.”

One can only imagine the epic failure of a VP she would be…