Who is Yang and How is He Beating Nearly Everyone but the Top Five?

When the 2020 presidential race began, it became abundantly clear that there would be no shortage of people saying they could do a better job of leading our nation than President Donald Trump.

And most of those came from the Democratic party. In fact, at the onset, there were no less than 28 Democrat candidates. To say that the field was packed or crowded is an understatement to be sure.

Naturally, as the race has worn on, a few of those have dropped out, not being able to make themselves stand out enough in a crowd full of extreme leftism and hysterics. The current count of dropouts is eight so far, and there are bound to be more announcing their resignation soon enough. After all, only one can win the nomination.

It’s hard to believe that there are still 19 in the race, especially considering most Americans don’t even know who most of them are.

Even more surprising is that one of those unknown White House Hopefuls seems to be making some significant progress and according to several current polls is actually ahead of nearly everyone except for the top five.

So who is it?

His name is Andrew Yang. He hails from New York and has absolutely no political experience. Now, considering that President Trump didn’t have previous experience in politics either, this may be a good thing. He, like Trump, also has a good deal of success in business. He is an entrepreneur, a CEO, and a lawyer.

But that is pretty much where the similarities stop because he is just about as left as you can get on most of his key policies.

If he is elected, he will seek to take every single gun you own, your private health insurance, and some of your most basic freedoms. However, he would give you $1000 a month in guaranteed income, as well as offer government-run Medicare-for-All.

If those policies sound a little bit like the rest of the liberal candidate’s, it’s because they are. Most of what he calls for is the exact same that the rest of the field is trying to achieve.

Therefore, it would be easy to assume that he would get lost in the crowd. But he isn’t.

In fact, in four of the most recent polls, Yang is beating out Senator Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro, Senator Cory Booker, and former Representative Beto O’Rourke.

Let’s take a closer look.

Emerson reports Yang coming in at eight points in the polls. Booker has two, and Beto only has one.

Both the Economist and Quinnipiac say Yang has two, Beto has two, and Booker has a whopping zero.

Morning Consult has Yang tied with both Beto and Booker at three points.

And Castro and Klobuchar have even less on all four polls.

But that isn’t even the most interesting information from these polls.

According to these, he is even doing better than both Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana and the infamous Senator Kamala Harris.

I know. How can that be? Harris is pretty much a household name anymore and Yang, well, you probably didn’t even know who he was.

Nevertheless, Harris is apparently losing her game. According to Emerson, which gave Yang eight points, Harris only has four. Nearly ten weeks ago, Harris was polling at an average of about 15 across the board. But now, according to Real Clear Politics poll, she sits with only 4.9 percent support of all Democratic voters nationwide.

And according to the same poll, Yang comes in with 3.3 percent. She might still be beating him at the moment, but it’s not by much, and it sure doesn’t look too good for her. She has even dropped behind Mayor Pete. The same poll gives him 5.9 percent of the Democrat vote.

But in the Emerson poll, Buttigieg trails behind Yang with six to his eight.

As far as everyone else goes, Real Clear Politics puts O’Rourke at 2.4 percent, Booker with 1.7 percent, Klobuchar at 1.6 percent, and Castro trails with just 1.3 percent.

So what makes him so popular with policies that match everyone else?

Well, for starters, he isn’t a politician. Secondly, he apparently has a sense of humor that seems to be lacking in the rest. And thirdly, he isn’t afraid to criticize himself which makes him relatable.

It doesn’t set the bar very high, but, for the left, nothing does.