Who Knew? The Trump Economy Is A Boost For Women

Dems are fast to critique Trump for all that he does. According to them, he’s not only useless in office, but he’s also not “their” president. None of the Dems have been able to answer who their president is since Obama has been out of the office for quite some time and it looks like Trump might be getting ready to spend another four years in the Oval Office.

There’s one thing that the Dems can’t refute, however: Trump has been good for the economy.

A number of women in America now have cause to celebrate thanks to the Trump economy, and here’s why.

Although millions of women marched around the nation shortly after Trump’s inauguration because they felt that Trump was the enemy of women, he has proven them wrong.

The Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF) has released a few tidbits of information that have countless individuals talking. The small business advocacy group is a supporter of the Trump administration, including policies such as the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. They have a few statistics to show that women are thriving within Trump’s economy.

The number of women-owned businesses has grown by 21 percent in the past five years. 42 percent of businesses in the US are women-owned, which is up by 2 percent since 2018. This is a stark comparison to the only 4.6 percent that was owned by women in 1972.

There are quite a few other statistics to be aware of, too. In the past five years, there was a 42.8 increase among women, minority-owned businesses, with revenue up by 38.5 percent during this time period as well.

Further, there are more ‘sidepreneurs’ who are women – and they’re succeeding, too. Sidepreneurs, otherwise known as part-time entrepreneurs, have been growing by over 30 percent in the past five years whole all entrepreneurs (male and full-time) only grew by 9 percent.

When met with statistics such as these, it’s hard for Dems to argue. While they can say that women are still not getting the benefit that they deserve under the Trump administration, the number of women who are flourishing in the administration would have to disagree. Although he may be looking to create more laws against abortion, it is designed to protect unborn babies, not to take rights away from women.

Elaine Parker, the JCNF President, has said that it’s hard to deny that women across the United States are economically benefitting from the time that Donald Trump has been in office. She says to look at the various statistics, which cover almost every economic measure, and it points to the fact that women are flourishing.

Parker believes that the changes come down to two changes in policy that have made the most impact: The Tax Cut and Jobs Act that doubles the child credit and the push for deregulation.

Trump swore from the very beginning that he wanted to make tax cuts so that there was more money going back into the pockets of Americans. Further, with the tax savings per child, it gave women the ability to take greater financial risks, including exploring the idea of entrepreneurship. Now, it seems as though being an entrepreneur may be better suited for women than men simply by looking at the statistics.

Parker reminds us that the Kaufman Foundation released a study stating that women are half as likely to start a business than men are. However, women also prove to be more prudent about the risks that they take, making them better entrepreneurs.

Plenty of business owners who are women have spoken out in favor of what the Trump administration has done. One female entrepreneur, Rose Morris, says that she feels as though Trump has made it possible to see small business ownership as more attractive.

She recognizes that there are still challenges, including determining how to pay for health insurance for her employees. However, she agrees with Parker in the fact that Donald Trump has provided a better economy for women.

Since Trump took office and has been making changes, there are also fewer women choosing to march. While Dems are never going to get to the point where they recognize him for all of the good that he’s been doing, they aren’t arguing as much, which is almost the same as recognition.

With more tax credits and programs available to women and entrepreneurs as a whole, it’s an exciting prospect to see what Trump could do with another four years in office in regards to the economy.