Why Obama’s Endorsement Will Backfire on Biden

It finally happened, former President Barack Obama endorsed the presumptive Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden, well – sort of.

As one story reported, Joe Biden, Obama’s two-time running mate and his Vice President for both terms, was finally given an endorsement, but it wasn’t necessarily ringing. The truth, which time will tell, is also that the former President’s endorsement may do more harm than good.

The truth is also very likely that it wouldn’t have mattered how enthusiastic or deadpan Obama’s endorsement was because Biden’s path to the Whitehouse has much larger hurdles to overcome than a missing or lackluster endorsement.

The Good, for Joe Biden, is that he won the nomination so early. This allows the Biden camp time to prepare, plan, and find his running mate. This is “The Good” for Biden, unfortunately, it may be the only good that his campaign might experience for a while.

Every candidate has to face “The Bad” of the political arena. Candidates have their lives placed under a microscope, their decisions questioned, and if there are skeletons in the closet?

The Bad, for Joe Biden, is that he might not have a closet but a graveyard. The problem for Joe is that his fitness to be the President of the United States has recently come into question. And with good reason.

Then, for Joe Biden, he might also have to face the Obama factor. Perhaps if Obama had given his Vice President his endorsement from the beginning, but he did not. Maybe if the former President had verbally supported Biden in some way, but he did not.

His former running mate, his Vice President for eight years, and not a word of support, no endorsement? Even after Bernie Sanders stepped aside, leaving only one, there was silence from team Obama. The Ugly.

This absence and lack of support was more than a political hit, it bordered on being an assault on Biden’s character – or his capabilities – or? And that is only part of the problem, we don’t know what the problem was, or is, that resulted in Obama holding his endorsement. But Obama, if he is nothing else, is as true-blooded a Democrat as we will ever see, and in the end, he towed the Party line.

And his endorsement hinted to that as well, almost with an echo of resignation. Unfortunately, for Joe Biden, Obama’s endorsement may not be helpful and for more reasons than just Barack’s hesitancy. There could be more political drawbacks than benefits from getting Obama’s endorsement.

As our story pointed out, “…this could turn out to be a net negative for the Democrats. Sanders fans will be disappointed in him, moderates who went with Trump because they saw Hillary as a repeat of Obama will likewise be hesitant to pull the lever for Biden, and Biden will be unable to define himself as anything other than Obama’s Vice President. He is now stuck defending those same policies that led to massive Republican wins during Obama’s presidency.”

Yes, finally, Biden was given the much-later-than-expected endorsement from the President, but why? Is that a good thing for the Biden camp? Time will tell, but it might also take a whole lot more than a few endorsements for the Biden campaign if Joe is ever going to sniff the Oval Office again.

There is that small Ukraine discussion and those questions surrounding his son, Hunter, that just won’t seem to go away. There are all those questions about his inappropriate behavior around women and young ladies, and allegations are still being made. Then there is that tiny issue of his mental and physical state.

No, endorsements aren’t Biden’s biggest problems, and now we don’t even know if the former President’s vote will help or hinder Biden’s campaign. We do know that the bad, the Obama, and the ugly seems to be much bigger than the good for camp Biden.

We will all know much more come November, and quite possibly much sooner than that. The good news for Joe, however, is that there is time. The bad news for Joe is – there is time.

Yes, Obama endorsed his long time partner, but that may be the least of Joe Biden’s troubles.