Will Trump Increase Sanctions on Iran?

The president is ramping up his ultimatum to the terrorist regime in Iran as they have announced like little children that they are defying the levels of uranium that they are allowed to have.

Iran has been playing games with the rest of the world since long before 2015. Iran tricked the world leaders into a treaty that they had no intentions of following.

When the United States was pulled out of the treaty by the ever-watching President Trump Iran went nutty and began making threats and attacking innocent people.

Iran has been acting like a terrible child ever since their fake treaty cover was removed to show exactly what they have been up to.

Iran was using the treaty to make everyone believe that they had stopped enriching uranium to weapons-grade but now it appears they still have that ability.

President Trump has placed sanctions on Iran because of their refusal to come and talk to the world leaders like a grownup nation.

Instead, Iran has been secretly attacking innocent people in an attempt to pressure the United States to back down. The United States does not bow to tiny terrorists and will never back down.

Iran has also been secretly selling their oil to rogue nations that are refusing to obey the sanctions that have been placed on Iran. Just a few weeks ago Great Britain caught a tanker trying to smuggle illegal Iranian oil to market.

The sanctions are designed to strangle off the supply of money that Iran gets from its oil sales. President Trump has been working hard to try to get Iran back to the negotiating table but like a spoiled bratty kid, Iran is not listening.

The great President Trump is planning on tightening down the sanctions on Iran hoping that the stubborn leader will yield and come and talk. Eventually, the people of Iran will grow tired of their stubborn leader and will either remove him or force him to talk to President Trump.

The other nations of the world have been chickens and not wanting to assist or support the United States in their dealings with Iran. It is time for them to step up and do the right thing.

Iran has been secretly enriching its uranium for weapon purposes for years ever since the Obama administration provided them the cover need to do it in secret. Obama needs to be investigated regarding his role in all the mess with Iran.

President Trump has stated “Iran has long been secretly ‘enriching’ in total violation of the terrible 150 Billion Dollar deal made by John Kerry and the Obama Administration. Remember, that deal was to expire in a short number of years. Sanctions will soon be increased, substantially!”

Iran began praising themselves because they violated the treaty that was set up by fairy Kerry years ago. For some strange reason, Iran believes it needs to announce to the world that they are traitors and liars.

Under the watchful eye of the Trump administration, Iran has been caught in the act and will pay for it dearly.

Iran has also threatened to rebuild its centrifuge so it can successfully enrich its illegal uranium. President Trump has a lot of patience and has extended grace to Iran.

Just last month he canceled an airstrike against the nation because it would have killed innocent people. This is the grace and patience that Trump is having with the rogue terrorist group of Iran.

Nations are worried that Iran will have the ability to strike at them with nuclear weapons. They have no self-control and only seek what is in their best interests.

Israel has given several responses through the years that if Iran develops nuclear weapons that the nation of Israel will strike first. Israel has the ability to wipe Iran from the face of the planet. They are a wonderful ally of the United States and Trump will back their decision should they decide to strike at Iran.

It is time for the world leaders to join with President Trump and pressure Iran to give it all up.

Iran can be so much more if they would just focus on selling their oil and not the foolish endeavor to have nuclear weapons. President Trump will continue to pressure Iran into doing what is right.