William Barr: The Enforcer America Needs

Sneaky Democrats and liberals are quick to cry about President Trump’s decision to “override” any governor that refused to adopt and follow his plan for reopening churches around the country.

The Democrats refuse to believe that churches are essential to the health and well-being of the country. In the liberal states, they are not letting people get back to worshipping and fellowshipping together.

The push back from the laughable liberals are making the case for the president. They are proving with their reaction that they hate God and religion in general.

The reason they are so much against God and religion is that they have to answer to a higher authority than themselves. The Democrats want to set themselves up to be the top authority. But God stands in their way. So, they violently try to press Him out of the picture.

President Trump is popular with faith-based groups because he protects their freedoms from being wiped out by the faith-less Democrats. To protect and push the demonized Democrats to leave churches alone the president has put Attorney General William Barr in charge of protecting the First Amendment rights of people to practice their faith without a Democrat sticking their big nose in and trying to shut them down.

Churches have been closed by liberals with the intent of keeping them closed. They believe that if they can get a church to close for a lengthy period, then they will be able to get them to close their doors forever. Barr was concerned early on that the Democrats would try and limit people going to their services for worship.

William Barr would say that “We have to be very careful to make sure that the draconian measures that are being adopted are fully justified. Whatever they’re doing to churches, they have to do to everybody.”

And in return, the churches need to be seen as essential and left alone to follow guidelines but remain open. There has been no justifiable reason to force the closure of churches around the country.

In every single case, Barr has sided with churches. And in each one of those cases, he has had to warn and advise for the leaders of the states to not target churches or try to control what they do.

Barr has referenced the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which essentially stops government leaders from isolating churches and singling them out. They are not to make it hard for people of faith to worship in the buildings.

The Democrats hate churches because they see them as their enemies. They believe that they will resist laws and rules. But given the chance, the majority of churches have followed the guidelines. The Democrats need to stop trying to control them.

William Barr has sent out multiple warnings that are being taken to heart by many people. Charlie Baker is the Governor Massachusetts. He has stated that “The Department of Justice has made very clear to a number of states that peoples’ ability to access church and practice their faith is a constitutional question that they are pushing people at the state level pretty hard on. I couldn’t ignore that.”

Mark Herring is the Attorney General in Virginia and he has taken opportunity to say against William Barr and the president “President Trump and Attorney General Barr’s time and efforts would have been much better spent focused on saving lives and ramping up testing across the country, rather than joining in conservative activists’ fruitless efforts to undermine these proven safety measures.” He obviously has missed the point that the president has already done what he is suggesting.

President Trump is not going to let the Democrats and the raunchy liberals steal the freedoms that define the United States. Their desire to limit the freedoms of Americans is an attack on the people and the country.

They are the true enemies that are the threat that Americans face. They are worse than the terrorists that would love to destroy the country. President Trump has rightly placed William Barr to be the teeth behind his orders to open up churches across the country.