Yang Gains Momentum Over O’Rourke

One look at AOC’s Twitter feed will tell you why politicians are bad for the country. There’s a very good reason why Trump won the presidency in 2016: he wasn’t a politician. Instead, he promised to clean up the swamp and focus on turning America into a more profitable country through his keen business sense – and that’s what he’s been able to do so far.

Andrew Yang has a lot in common with Trump, even if he wouldn’t openly admit it. He’s a businessman first and foremost. He’s also promised to stay in the 2020 running for president until the bitter end. While most people haven’t heard of Yang, he’s working to change all of that – and the polls are starting to reflect his hard work.

Yang Qualified for the Fall Debates

Andrew Yang has been working hard to make sure that he meets the various requirements by the DNC in order to partake in the fall debates. He recently crossed the second threshold, pulling in at 2 percent on the Monmouth University poll in Iowa. Previously, he had already received at least 2 percent in a few of the other polls approved by the DNC. He also hit the 130,000 unique donor mark quite a while back.

Yang is only in the ninth candidate out of a pool of over 20 candidates to have qualified for the DNC debates coming up in the fall, including a mid-September 1 and another one in October. This means that he will join Biden, Harris, Booker, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren, and O’Rourke on stage.

Yang qualifying is showing that he’s able to offer the people something that the other candidates cannot – an escape from the constant political shows that everyone is playing into. One minute they’re pointing the finger at Trump and the next, they’re tearing down Obama. Yang’s plan is to focus on the issues, showing that he’s capable of rising above all of the political games that most people are over already.

Yang’s Got a Long Way to Go

Yang is by no means a frontrunner at this point in time. Based on the Monmouth poll, he still sits behind Biden, Warren, Harris, Sanders, and Buttigieg. What’s interesting is that there isn’t a significant lead for anyone, showing that it really is anyone’s to win at this point. In many polls, Biden is shown as a clear frontrunner at around 40 to 50 percent. In this poll, however, he’s only at 28 percent with Warren right behind him at 19 percent.

O’Rourke dropped a considerable 5 percent in these polls from April to August, allowing Yang to pick up some of that momentum. There are plenty of Democratic analysts wondering if O’Rourke has what it takes to make it all the way to the primaries, especially when the candidate himself has talked about walking away at various times.

He’s Gaining Ground Over O’Rourke

O’Rourke was seen as a rising star when he first announced that he was running for the presidency. Slowly, that started to wither away, especially as he made the grandstand to speak in (bad) Spanish at the first round of DNC debates. Then, when the mass shooting hit in his hometown, he pointed the finger at Trump before even offering his sympathies to the victims’ families.

Yang isn’t doing any of the finger-pointing that others are. He didn’t take a crack at Obama at the last debate, either, which is likely why many of the Dems who love Obama are happy to throw the entrepreneur their vote. Further, he’s touting a concept that everyone wants to know more about – Universal basic income. His idea is to monetize various online transactions and share a basic salary of $1,000 a month with every American. It’s actually capable of working, too, unlike O’Rourke’s long but poorly thought out immigration plan.

The Best of Yang is Yet to Come

There are still many months to go before Dems everywhere flock to the poll sites in order to participate in the primaries. With Yang slowly moving his way up, he’s knocking some of the low-hanging fruit out of the way so that America can concentrate on five or six candidates instead of two dozen.

Yang, being a businessman, likely has a full plan ahead of him. He’s keeping his campaign plans close to his chest, though, which is a smart move.

He only stands a chance if he can beat out some of the bigger candidates like Harris and Booker. Only then can he gain enough momentum to really get somewhere. Then, it can end up being a businessman versus businessman for the general election.