Yang’s Offensive Asian Jokes Are Not What America Needs

Andrew Yang is a presidential candidate, entrepreneur, and he also happens to be Asian. He’s trying to increase his vote by making sure that America knows that he has a sense of humor.

The only problem with that is that he’s getting further away from the topics. With so many people getting offended by Trump’s humor, America does not need a president who is going to tell Asian jokes as soon as he takes the stage.

Every time Yang is either on stage or being interviewed, he’s whipping out the Asian jokes. He has recognized that the Asian community is diverse. Not everyone agrees with his responses to particular issues or the jokes that he tells. However, he’s willing to expect and accept that.

When asked about the DNC debate-qualifying thresholds and if that’s affected his campaign’s strategy, he started out by explaining, “I’m Asian, so I love tests.” He also doesn’t mind the rules set forth by the DNC as it allows him to see the donors and polling numbers he has to set better goals.

Yang is a political newbie. He actually has more in common with Republican Trump than most of the Democrats he’s running against – not that he’d ever admit that. The primary focus of his platform is to provide all adults with $1000 a month as a living stipend to assist with cost-of-living increases and other such things.

He has managed to stay in longer than quite a few established politicians – though he needs to realize more about the world that he is living in.

People take offense at everything these days, and Yang has been playing up Asian stereotypes to the extreme. Yang is certainly taking advantage of the fact that he is Asian American. Plenty of supporters see the jokes as self-deprecating.

However, there are a number of critics who are upset because he is perpetuating labels that they have spent decades trying to eliminate.

Yang hasn’t been vocal on many of the issues. During a CNBC climate change discussion, he told everyone that the world will be just fine if most people go vegetarian tomorrow. Since that isn’t likely to happen, it leaves a number of people questioning just how much he knows about climate change or what he plans to do about it.

During that same discussion, some of the Democratic political candidates went as far as saying that cows were going to be outlawed – leaving even the most progressive Democrats wondering where they are going to get their next burger.

One of the reasons Andrew Yang has been able to stay in the polls is because he is a self-made millionaire who can fund a lot of the campaign on his own. Another reason is that he is staying out of a number of the critical discussions – this includes everything from immigration to gun control.

He isn’t talking about too many of the issues. He is, instead, trying to win everyone over with some self-deprecating Asian jokes and the promise of $1000 a month from the government.

If Andrew Yang is trying to take a lead from Donald Trump to show that a non-politician can win the White House, he forgets that Donald Trump was a well-known public figure long before he decided to run against Hillary Clinton.

The Trump name was well known around the country, allowing people to know what to expect from him. Although Andrew Yang may be a smart businessman, he is still an unknown. He hasn’t spent enough money on the campaign trail to get a significant amount of votes.

He also hasn’t spent any real money on commercials yet, allowing him more face time in front of millions of Americans.

Andrew Yang has also yet to get into the double digits of polling numbers. This means that he is still not seen as a front runner. The only way he may be able to accomplish double digits is if Joe Biden’s campaign self combusts – and this is something that plenty of Democratic candidates are counting on.

The world is simply too sensitive – and someone who is cracking Asian jokes every time he takes to the stage is not who we need representing the United States. He needs to stop at the jokes and start focusing on what people are looking for – information about gun control, immigration, and the economy.

If he plans to stay in the race much longer, he has to figure out a way to compete against Warren, Biden, and Sanders. Announcing that he’s Asian with another quip following it is simply not going to cut it much longer.